Thank-you for choosing our little labour of love.

at francis & meyer candle co. we believe that people of all gender identities, sexual orientations & skin colours have the fundamental right to live without restrictions or judgement.
we want to help build a community of love, unity, peace & togetherness.
our business is much more than a candle company,
our sincere hope is to minimize the division, judgment & hate that exists in this world.
if you do not stand in solidarity with us in regards to the above - you may want to shop elsewhere.



the look and scent of a candle can instantly change the entire ambiance of a room, don’t you agree? each one of our signature candles encompass a different experience. from the name of the candle to the custom curated scent to the intentions behind the florals and raw & tumbled gemstone inlays. we invite you to immerse yourself in the experience that most resonates with you.
what is in our candles:
• all natural organic soy wax
• cotton braided wicks
• premium fragrance
• all natural essential oils
• ethically sourced raw gemstones and dried florals
• positive energies and intentions
what is not in our candles:
• parabens
• parrafin
• artificial dyes
• animal by-products
• negative energies and intentions

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