Thank-you for choosing our labour of love.

at francis & meyer we believe that people of all gender identities, sexual orientations & skin colours have the fundamental right to live without restrictions or judgement.
we want to help build a community of love, unity, peace & togetherness.
our business is much more than a candle company,
our sincere hope is to minimize the division, judgment & hate that exists in this world.
if you do not stand in solidarity with us in regards to the above - you may want to shop elsewhere.



we believe that your home should be your sanctuary. we have set out to create & collect products that we personally love in our home. candles and crystals are what we are passionate about.
we create each candle with intention.

what is in our candles:
• all natural organic soy wax
• cotton braided wicks
• premium fragrance
• all natural essential oils
• ethically sourced raw gemstones and dried florals
• positive energies and intentions
what is not in our candles:
• parabens
• parrafin
• artificial dyes
• animal by-products
• negative energies and intentions

we curate our crystal collection with intention and purpose. we source our crystals from small canadian companies that offer ethically derived products.
we hope that our crystals bring a little bit of magic into your homes, and give you exactly what you are searching for. 

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