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oh hi!

danielle & amanda here!

we are happily married & live in ontario, canada

with our son harley,

a fifteen year old wiener dog who doubles as

our quality control manager.


how did it all begin?

after many long months of living through the pandemic, we wanted to spread love to our community by sharing some of our most beloved things; candles & crystals.

francis & meyer collective was born with the hopes of bringing light into people's homes,

literally and energetically.

together, the three of us work together to put our love and positive intentions into every aspect of our brand.

we believe in equal rights for ALL.

our brand stands behind all minorities.




my name is Angelica and i support francis & meyer with social media.


i stumbled upon francis and meyer on instagram and instantly fell in love with the shop. danielle and amanda are the sweetest human beings and i am so grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside two strong female entrepreneurs.


a little about me... i am a UofT graduate who enjoys using her knowledge and creativity in ways that can make an impact. i love all things that sparkle: crystals, jewelry, glitter, the water on a bright sunny day. i am a makeup junkie, avid show and movie watcher and pasta connoisseur.


i can’t wait to get to know YOU - the francis and meyer community!


hello!  my name is aimee.

i’m the ultimate multitasker, professional coffee drinker,

and lover of all things creative. when i’m not indulging in my favourite hobbies, i'm working in sales to ensure francis and meyer collective can be found in your neighbourhood.


my secret superpowers include the ability to brainstorm ideas at lightning speed and to make even the most mundane tasks feel like a party.


i'm a lover of all things bright and colourful,

and I firmly believe that life is too short not to burn 

your favourite candle!




hi! my name is kathy.   


you’ve probably seen me at the popups.

i try to attend as many as possible to support my girls,

but really it’s not hard work as i love browsing the markets

to support francis & meyer and many other small shops as well.


i watched the birth of F & M at the beginning of the pandemic

and it has and continued to be my great pleasure

to see danielle and amanda’s passion grow for their products.

i have learned from them along the way and have started my own collection of gems.


i will do any odd job that needs doing and even sometimes dog sitting their furry son harley when his moms are gone for hours showing off their products.


hope to see you when the markets start up again or on the live sales when we’re all chiming in our comments and learning about the properties of the beautiful gems mother earth has provided.


my name is sofia,
i work for these two lovely ladies by helping out at the pop-up markets, and modeling. i'd like to say that I have a wide variety of knowledge of crystals and have been around them since i was a kid!

i love all things nature and animals and anything with a cool vibe.

i discovered francis and meyer collective when volunteering for a market in 2021. i absolutely loved the girls and their positive energy, so i made sure to always visit when they had pop-ups.

i joined the company in january of 2021, and i am so excited to meet everyone at some upcoming pop-ups. hope to see you all soon!

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