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Article in "The Kit",  written by Meredith Shaw

CHUM 104.5, @meredithshaw


"Overall, this candle was a 5/5. These candles are well made, fragrant, soot free, excellent burn time, and adorned with florals and crystal inlays to give them a beautiful appearance. A very luxurious, professionally made candle that is overall worth the cost. Plus, the glass vessel this lovely candle comes in is reusable.The candle I received was "Glow" : I love a good scented candle and this candle was that and more!  This candle has a sweet, delicate stone fruit aroma that really fills the room and transports you to a place of relaxation. This smell has now easily become my new favouriteIt was well decorated with jasmine flower buds, marigold petals, a slice of dried lemon segment, and a few ethically sourced raw citrine crystals giving a very luxurious and delightful vibe.The burn on a candle is so important and can really dictate if a candle is made well! These candles have 3 cotton braided wicks and upon first lighting, should be allowed to let burn for 2 hours to get an even burn (and to avoid tunneling!) Francis and Meyer candles are all cruelty free, eco-friendly, locally hand poured and made of PURE soy wax. I prefer soy wax candles simply because they smell better when burning, they are a greener alternative to paraffin, and burn cleaner (little to no black soot)! The burn time was approximately 35 hours for me. "

Customer - Erin Swatman

"I can honestly say I’ve never been a big candle person. I’ve always appreciated them when received as a gift and I’d light it now and then for a quiet dinner or bubble bath. But they never really struck me the way Francis and Meyer candles do. When you first launched your venture I thought wow that’s so amazing! I can’t wait to support your small business and have one to use as a decor item in my home. But then the box arrived. I was so excited to find a place for it but once I opened it-and smelled it- I couldn’t help but light it. It was so stunning and smelled amazing. My first candle is still my favourite- grateful. I’m so grateful that I starting purchasing these candles! I now have a whole collection- 6 and counting! And I love them all. Your passion and love for candle making shines through in all the lovely little details in each one. It’s clear how much time and care you take to make every one of them. I applaud you for your dedication to causes that are near and dear to you. Your generosity through candles with a cause is truly admirable. You make a difference with your donations and your online presence. I love seeing your encouraging and uplifting posts. Francis and Meyer is one of a kind and that is what makes it so special!"

Lindsay Strom, Broker

"Thank you to Francis + Meyer for helping us curate a candle for our clients and referral partners. The level of communication, information and thought process was so in-depth, professional and informative. It was a sincere pleasure to work with Danielle and Amanda and we recommend them and their gorgeous candles without hesitation! The packaging, labels, flower inlay and customer service were second to none. We look forward to creating a lasting relationship with Danielle and Amanda and enjoying the beautiful products they create. Highly Recommended? No, it is much more than that!!"

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