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the 11:11 candle

the 11:11 candle


do you ever see re-occuring numbers and think to yourself, was that a sign? 

well, we do! and we choose to believe that it is! 

a sign of what though? a sign that the universe has your back, that things will be okay, that you are on the right path and that your sisterhood of spirit guides are always with you. 

the 11:11 candle is your reminder, at any time of the day or night, that you've got this. not only is she stunningly crafted, meaningful and gorgeous, each facet to her has purpose. 


the teal crystal (green angelite) is believed to bridge the gap between you and your spirit sisters. promoting love, trust, healing and protection. 


the scent of 11:11 is  comprised of jasmine, sparkling white tea, and amber. this scent is a must-try, as it is simply indescribable. 



  • details

    sustainable soy wax



    16oz - 110 hour burn time

    9oz - 60 hour burn time

    organic cotton wicks

    custom reusable aura vessel



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