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choose from a variety
of fragrances from our
dream melts soy wax
warming cubes.

golden wick trimmers

golden wick trimmers


wait, you don’t trim your wicks!?

this is every candle companies nightmare.

you must trim your wicks to do your candle justice, and keep it healthy! these original golden trimmers do the trick, and look pretty.

you should always keep your wicks trimmed down to 1/4 inch (pinky nail width) for a longer, cleaner, safer burn. not only does this allow your candle to live a longer life; it looks better, and will burn more evenly.

long wicks produce large flames, which not only look no bueno, but also don’t allow your candle to burn evenly.

our candles are non-toxic, but flames will always produce some kind of smoke (think of a bonfire).

trimming your candle wicks reduces natural soot emissions and discoloration of glass.

  • details:

    • debris catching trays

    • ergonomic shape

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