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choose from a variety
of fragrances from our
dream melts soy wax
warming cubes.

evil eye bead ring

evil eye bead ring


protect yourself, you’re too precious. 

each ring is a small piece of Colombia’s magic for you to hold.  designed to spark joy, handmade by Embera Chami artisans with the intention to connect us back to nature. 


size: medium

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  • care

    easy to wear with little hassle. to prevent threads from unravelling, avoid prolonged time under water. In the event that threads loosen, tie a knot and carefully burn the end with a lighter. keep away from sharp objects that may tear the threads. 

  • santa isla

    santa isla makes jewelry in partnership with Embera Chami artisans of colombia. the Embera Chami believe they weave spiritual intentions as a way to connect back to nature.  

    20% of each sale goes back to the Embera Chami artisans. 

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