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soulsearch sound healing

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danielle is an entrepreneur, a mental health worker, and most importantly - a dreamer.

danielle has always been connected to her creative soul, and has found many ways to express it over the years.

danielle has a passionate love for crystals and the natural world.

since becoming certified in sound healing, danielle has shared this practice with friends, family and clients.

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what is sound healing? 

sound healing is the use of natural objects such as quartz crystal bowls, to produce sound, energy and frequency. 

each note connects with a different chakra and can help (along with relaxation and intentional mindfulness) to clear stagnant or unwanted energy and emotional blockages. 

what instruments are used?

we use 99.99% pure quartz crystal singing bowls, along with rubber and suede mallets. occasionally we will also play soft nature sounds in the distance as well.

what is the history of sound healing?

sound healing dates back centuries. it’s practised all over the world in similar forms. 

the first documented sound healing is in ancient egypt in 1550 BC. it’s also been historically notable in asia, greece and indigenous cultures around the world. 

do the bowls connect to chakras?

yes. the bowls are designed to connect to each one of our seven chakras. root, sacral, solarplexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. each chakra holds energy that can be stagnant, or fluid.

what does a session include?

one session includes an intuitive oracle card pull and reading, guided meditation,

a sound bath, and a journaling option. 

who is sound healing for?

sound healing is for anyone that is open to it. sound baths provide a peaceful atmosphere to dive deeper into your soul, do some self-exploration or simply relax.


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