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six pack of the refresh candle

six pack of the refresh candle


we all need to hit the refresh button every now & then! this candle is designed to help with just that. we created this candle with the intention of allowing you to rest and reset. we all experience burn out every once in a while, and need to dig deep in order to find our inner stride once again. refresh is scented with a blend of eucalyptus & spearmint. she is adorned with dainty foliage, florals & clear quartz crystals.

crystals carry energy & can serve as a meaningful part of your self-care practices. we suggest that you set your intention in your crystal and allow it to remind you of its purpose each day.

  • details

    sustainable soy wax



    16oz - 110 hour burn time

    9oz - 60 hour burn time

    organic cotton wicks

    custom reusable aura vessel



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