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six pack of aura edit no. 03

six pack of aura edit no. 03


grounding and nostalgic. aura edit no. 03 is scented with santal, cedarwood and citrus. poured in our iridescent aura vessels, this candle is perfect for any season.

  • about the collection

    an aura is an energy field that can be viewed as coloured light. auras are created by the vibrations and intentions that you emit. auras are connected to the seven chakras, which are fields of energy in your body. each candle in this collection serve as a reminder to guide your intentions towards the energy that you want to give + attract.

  • details

    sustainable soy wax



    16oz - 110 hour burn time

    9oz - 60 hour burn time

    organic cotton wicks

    custom reusable aura vessel


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