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rose quartz bouquet

rose quartz bouquet


handcrafted + free spirited

palo santo, selenite, floral, raw rose quartz crystal


practical and perfect for gifting. this handcrafted bundle includes one authentic peruvian palo santo, one selenite cleansing crystal, one intuitively chosen crystal and an assortment delicate hand-dried florals.


rose quartz is the universal stone of love. encouraging compassion and kindness to yourself, and to those around you.


cleanse by burning the tip of your palo santo. blow to extinguish flame & allow smoke to clear your space - ridding of unwanted energy. place in fireproof bowl.

protect by placing selenite in the vicinity of other crystals, allowing their energies to enhance. grow by allowing your vision, intentions & mantra to work alongside your ritual.


or simply (and stunningly, use as decor)


ethically sourced + eco friendly

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