we based this candle off of the idea that we all have the power to allow our hearts to glow. we all have something unique to offer the world, and if we allow ourselves to open that door, the light will surely spill out. this is a reminder to our customers to soul search endlessly - find your truth & you will glow. authenticity is key.

this candle has blends of fresh stone fruit notes & is adorned with marigold petals, jasmine flower buds, dried lemon segment & orange/yellow gemstones. imparting joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm. a truly beautiful glow.

the glow candle

SKU: 0006
    • glass vessel
    • handpoured soy wax
    • premium fragrance oils & essential oils
    • 100% cotton braided wick/s

    note: glass vessels may vary in height, and number of wicks. your order will be based upon availability.