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seven ways to cleanse your crystals

some of us buy crystals because they are pretty, while others are drawn to certain vibrational energy. it doesn’t matter why you buy crystals, the crystals are impartial to your reasoning.

your collection, no matter how big or small, holds quite a bit of potential to facilitate energetic healing. because crystals hold and release energy, they need to be cleansed in order to make room for new uplifting energy.

this is a simple, yet intentional act, that takes thought. there are many ways that you can cleanse your crystals. we love utilizing a mixture of all options, but you can try whichever one calls to you.

first, before any cleansing takes place, you’ll want to think about what it is that you want to clear, and what it is you want to harness.

for example, “i want to clear all of the anxious energy that i’ve been holding onto, and manifest confident energy”

we like to hold our crystals and say this. tell the crystals what you want them to do. once you put it into the universe, it’s there.

here is a list of seven ways to cleanse your crystals in detail:

1) sunlight is a beautiful and natural way to cleanse and charge your crystals. by placing your collection in the path of the natural light, you will amplify the energy that you manifest into them. using sunlight for clear, golden or red stones will allow them to become more vibrant, however, any crystals that aren’t these colours, when left in the path of the sun for too long can fade. make sure to keep track of which crystals are where, and for how long. we recommend a few hours of sunlight charging before placing your crystals back in their selected locations.

2) water is an amazing way to cleanse your crystals. bringing them back to nature is key. natural water like lake water or rain water is ideal. it’s important to take into account which of your crystals are safe in water. typically, anything that ends in “ite” (eg. calcite, selenite) is not safe in water. quartz crystals - such as rose quartz, smoky quartz, clear quartz are safe in water. we love cleansing our crystals in water because it is a ritual in itself. the practice of collecting and bringing your collection to a beautiful spot by a lake is a calming and meaningful experience. allow your intentions to be heard, place crystals in your hands or a colander type basket. let the natural water wash over them to cleanse and rejuvenate. same can be done with rain water. placing your crystals outside in the rain (especially during a full moon) is an amazing way to let nature take over.

3) sound bowls are an excellent way to cleanse your crystals. using either a copper or selenite sound bowl, state your intentions and hold the bowl over your crystals (about two feet above). while creating sound, close your eyes and visualize any negative energy releasing from your crystals. once you feel the release of energy, continue the same process while visualizing loving and supportive energy being restored.

4) moon light is an exceptional way to cleanse and charge your crystals. it’s important that it be a clear sky. this gentle, yet high vibrational method is great for all crystals. you can bring them outside, or on a window sill. again, stating your intentions, and placing them in the moonlight for at least 4 hours (we recommend over night) is ideal. full moons are an opportunity not to be missed. with that extra bit of energy and connection to the zodiac signs, there is always a benefit to full moon utilization. we post a full moon countdown every month - so it’s easy to keep track of.

5) smudging is the traditional act of cleansing with smoke. using sage, incense or palo santo as your smudging tool is what we recommend. hold at an angle pointing down. ignite the tip long enough to see it catch embers. blow to allow smoke to produce - use this time directing around the crystals and in spaces that need energetic cleansing. open window to allow for unwanted energy to escape. this is when you will repeat your manifestations. “release any negative energy, cleanse to allow positivity into the space”. to extinguish - put in fireproof bowl and snuff, or allow incense to burn. do not leave unattended or near flammable objects.

6) connecting your crystals back to the earth with soil is a great way to cleanse and reboot. you can do this just about anywhere, a beach, a garden, your backyard, it’s endless. as long as the crystals are surrounded in earth - they are connected. start by sharing your intentions, then bury your crystals about 2-3” down, and allow them to soak in the earths natural vibrations over night.

7) meditation combination is a method where you will incorporate 1-3 of these practices along with a meditation of your own. sitting with your crystals during any of the above practices, remain intentional and focused. put on some light relaxing music and become one with your collection. allow this ritual to cleanse and rejuvenate your crystals, you’re space and you. we recommend doing this right when you wake up to start the day with manifesting energy, or right before you go to sleep, a positive end to the day.

although, there are a few more ways to cleanse your crystals, these are the seven that we find easy and successful when done with intention.

francis & meyer collective


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