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crystals for your home

it’s so important to give your crystals to the right area of your house; allowing them to serve their purpose in specific vicinities will serve not only you, your home, but your guests aswell.

let’s start outside:

your energetic field starts where your property begins…

black tourmaline is a great stone of protection, and warding off negativity. place pieces of black tourmaline at the 4 corners of your property. we have them buried under the soil by our driveway and in the backyard.


let’s talk gardens & plants: think green. crystals are born from the earth, and carry powerful vital vibrations for all living things, including your plant babies.

placing green adventurine, moss agate, green calcite or malachite on the soil next to the roots of your plant can aid in bringing your blooms energy and vitality.

next, entryways. this one is a little bit more tailored to you. it’s important to place stones at your entry way that hold the energy that you want in your home. this way, anyone entering will be met with these vibrations upon arrival.

we like to have rose quartz (all-encompassing love), tourmilated quartz (protection & confident communication), and howlite (cleansing of negativity, calm & patience) on a little table by our door. we suggest doing some research on stone properties & aligning your choices with the energy you want in this space.

main gathering areas, such as your dining room, living room, and eating areas are also spaces where you can tailor your choices. we honour clear communication & joy in these areas, therefore we choose to place clear quartz & natural citrine.

kitchen counters/ cooking areas are an amazing space to place crystals that you want associated with your food. we like to place carnelian for intense loving energy, green opal & blue lace agate for nourishment & digestion.

bathrooms are such an amazing place to rest, rejuvenate & practice self care. this is a perfect space for calming, cleansing & loving stones. we like to place amethyst near our tub for calming vibrations, fluorite for relieving stress & our rose quartz facial guashas for self love in our skin care routine.

office spaces are often under-personalized have minimal meaningful de

cor. we think that this space is extremely important for inspiration and focus to permeate. we like to place citrine & jasper stones on our desks to inspire creativity. we also like to have an amazonite crystal nearby to facilitate focus & problem solving skills.

bedrooms are your own personal sanctuaries & should be treated that way.

calm, love, & rest are some of the energies that we attribute to our bedrooms. vignettes of amethyst, rose quartz and flower agate line our bedroom for our calming and loving vibes. bedside tables are a perfect place for crystals that aid in deep restful sleep, we like lepidolite & celestite for this area.

once you’ve chosen which crystals you want in each area of your home - cleanse them using smudge and selenite. next, as you’re placing them in their respective areas, spend a moment of intention with your crystal - mindfully requesting for what you want from the energy it releases. make this moment your own. this can be part of your self care ritual that you can practice each time you change out your crystals. place your crystal with intention.


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